Should you elope somewhere magical? Here's a pro and con list...

The age old question is finally going to be answered. Should you elope somewhere magical? YES. ALWAYS YES. What's the twist in this little blog post? There's no cons! (Unless of course, you hate traveling, or just really want a big wedding... Which I totally get. But for you, I say bring me on your honeymoon for some awesome pictures on a mountain or in the ocean.)

First of all, if you go someplace with just the two of you (give or take a few extra humans or fur babies) you have a chance to unplug and really focus on each other. Weddings too often seem like such a spectacle these days and are more about how pinterest-y and perfect they are. I want to stop that nonsense. Yes, by all means, make your wedding beautiful and spend tons of time and effort making it the way you and your fiance want. But remember what you're doing. You are coming together as husband and wife. You're making a life-long commitment to your best friend. You're starting the journey of a lifetime! You'll want to remember this first step. 

As a photographer, sometimes it's hard to get those quiet moments for just the two of you. It breaks my heart when it becomes a battle for you to get just the smallest moment for your first look without the entire wedding party spying and giggling. Your wedding is for you to celebrate the love you share with your partner. Celebrate! Don't please anyone else because it's not about them, what your college friends will think of your decoration, or even what your parents want. You do you. You got this :) 

Have you eloped or are you thinking about eloping? Tell me where in the comments!